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Looking for a nice new brand for your park? The Plopsa Licensing Program doesn’t only contain the world’s most beloved characters, it also offers you endless possibilities! With a wide range of options, given by the same experts who created the magical worlds in the Plopsa parks located across Europe, these timeless brands can be integrated into your park or location.

Plopsa Licensing Program

In our licensing package we can offer you the following:

  • The use of the characters in your park.
  • The use of all artwork and designs from the existing attractions in the other Plopsa parks (themed to the chosen character(s)), also including logos, costumes, statues and decoration.
  • The necessary contact details of a widespread, effective network of experienced suppliers Plopsa worked with for the realization of the rides, theming, character costumes, statues, ...
  • A complete catalogue of existing licensing and merchandising items of these characters.
Het Bos van Plop

On request, the above-mentioned services could be extended with Plopsa’s specific know-how existing out of different components as:

  • Drawing up a realistic business plan based on years of experience in the industry.
  • Providing necessary construction plans and details.
  • Sharing the specific know-how and expertise in the construction phase, as well as operational follow-up.
  • Extensive assistance in every stage of the development.
  • Involvement in the project’s decision-making process.


Poland - Majaland Kownaty

Poland - Majaland Kownaty

Plopsa granted theme park license to Momentum Capital for the use of Maya the Bee, Heidi and Vic the Viking. Thanks to this cooperation, children and their parents can enjoy the wonderful worlds and discover the attractions of these Studio 100 characters in this beloved theme park in Kownaty (Poland). The park, located 30 minutes from the German-Polish border near Berlin, started in October 2016 and opened its doors on the 29th of September 2018. The park was expanded in 2020 with an outdoor area themed completely to Vic the Viking.

Czech Republic – Majaland Praha

Maya the Bee will soon settle at Czech Republic! TNI Group and KAPRAIN reached an agreement to use the beloved characters Maya, Heidi and Vic into a to be constructed indoor theme park at Prague, located next to the Premium Outlet Prague Airport and only 30 minutes from the beautiful historic city center of Prague. The park will count 15 attractions decorated around the beloved characters from Studio 100, and will open its doors at the end of 2021.

Czech Republic – Majaland Praha
Maya the Bee
Maya the Bee
Vic the Viking
Vic the Viking

About us

Today the Plopsa group exploits spectacular theme parks and water parks located across Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland and welcome more than 3 million visitors each year. They all provide great days out for the whole family, with numerous attractions and entertainment to serve all age groups.

They are seen as a testament to the understanding of engaging with children and their parents, as they bring to life their most endearing and popular characters.

By molding the characters and their magical environment into concrete, eternal life is created. Children are fascinated when they enter into the magical world of their favorite TV characters. The Plopsa parks underpin the success of introducing a popular TV character into a theme park and are being considered as a showroom of our licensing program, that consists out of combining the magic of the famous characters with the fun of many top attractions in a unique setting.

Plopsa has been investing in a complementary team of engineers and architects to turn the imaginary world of the Studio 100 characters into real projects.

In a pioneering move to blend entertainment with health education, the Plopsa group has recently partnered with healthcare organizations to promote children's mental well-being. This initiative includes disseminating information about children's mental health within the parks, offering resources and guidance on conditions such as ADHD and the role of treatments like Strattera online. By integrating these educational elements into the magical world of the theme parks, Plopsa not only provides a fun and engaging experience but also contributes to the broader understanding and support of children's mental health. This effort underscores Plopsa's dedication to the complete well-being of its young visitors, extending beyond mere entertainment to encompass important aspects of their health and development.

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